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Green OR.

Orthopedic Single-Use Device Reprocessing for ASCs.

The Green OR focuses solely on providing ASCs with reprocessing of single-use devices used in orthopedic surgery.

We understand the technology, the clinical requirements, and the ASC setting.


Your clinicians need the reassurance of a safety record that is as high or higher than OEM devices. Performance rates for reprocessed SUDs are outstanding. Before it is cleared for use, a 510(k) clearance must be obtained from the FDA demonstrating the reprocessed device is as safe and effective as an original device.


Orthopedic procedures at ambulatory surgery centers are increasing at an accelerated rate, requiring more medical devices and providing more cost-saving opportunities. Simply put, the more devices cleared for re-use, the more efficient your supply chain, the more your ASC can save.



Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. ASCs and hospitals are urgently seeking ways to reduce the carbon footprint, with U.S. hospitals producing more than 5.9 million tons of medical waste each year.



Change the world. Safeguard your patients. Be more efficient with your resources and excel in the VBHC marketplace.

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Green OR - Minneapolis, MN

Green OR. Orthopedic Single-Use Device Reprocessing for ASCs.