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Health care costs continue to rise with not enough dollars to satisfy patient demand. Reducing operative costs without compromising clinical outcomes is essential. As the need for more value-based healthcare (VBHC) solutions intensifies, technology plays a key role. Reprocessing single-use (SUDs) medical devices is a highly regulated and complex process that is saving hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, both in surgical supply costs and reduced medical waste.
The FDA has stated it believes reprocessed devices “to be as safe and effective as a new device” and holds both to the same rigid requirements. In fact, reprocessed devices have been shown to have substantially lower failure rates than OEM products. In February 2000, the FDA attributed < 0.2% of adverse events to SUDs. A 2016 FDA study reported OEM devices are nearly 5X’s more likely to be defective than a reprocessed SUD.

The Green OR Difference

Why trust Green OR for SUD reprocessing?

  • We are solely focused on orthopedic surgery in ambulatory surgery centers.
  • We maintain a deep clinical knowledge, from the feel, function and performance of each device to its incidence of use and life-cycle.
  • We can respond quickly to new technology and obtain FDA approvals fast.
  • We continuously analyze device statistics as well as market trends.
  • We have a comprehensive program from A to Z that will seamlessly blend with the supply chain of your facility.
  • We follow higher standards, meeting FDA standards and going beyond by inspecting each device individually (as opposed to batch inspections conducted by OEMs).
  • We make sure your clinicians have full confidence in the safety and efficacy of our reprocessed devices.

Change the world. Safeguard your patients. Be more efficient with your resources and excel in the VBHC marketplace.

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