Reduce costs. Maintain & enhance quality of care.  Minimize carbon footprint.

Reprocessing plays an integral role in today’s value-based healthcare.

Increased Savings for Smarter Economics.

Orthopedic procedures at hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers are increasing at an accelerated rate, requiring more medical devices and providing more cost-saving opportunities. Simply put, the more devices cleared for re-use, the more efficient your supply chain, the more your facility can save. Reprocessed single-use devices can save your facility as much as 50% off the cost of an original device.
Savings increase if the reprocessed device is billed at the same rate as a new device. There also is no difference in CMS reimbursement. And with no reduction in quality of care due to well-established FDA requirements, SUD reprocessing becomes an important component of value-based care in orthopedics.

Proven Efficacy for Enhanced

Patient Care

Your clinicians need the reassurance of a safety record that is as high or higher than OEM devices. Performance rates for reprocessed SUDs are outstanding. Before it is cleared for use, a 510(k) clearance must be obtained from the FDA demonstrating the reprocessed device is as safe and effective as an original device. Each reprocessed single-use device must be inspected, cleaned, tested, sterilized and packaged following strict FDA specifications with verified data (FDA Guidance of 2000).
And while most OEM devices are randomly lot-inspected, each and every device reprocessed by Green OR undergoes a labor-intensive 100% unit inspection.

Not only can you maintain or improve clinical outcomes, you can enhance patient care at your facility by using funds saved for new hires, innovative technology, expansions, and more.

Less Waste For a Cleaner Environment

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. ASCs and hospitals are urgently seeking ways to reduce the carbon footprint, with U.S. hospitals producing more than 5.9 million tons of medical waste each year.

Now more than ever, medical device reprocessing is seen as an effective strategy to create a cleaner environment as well as save funds previously allotted to disposal.

Approximately 80% of hospitals in the U.S. have a reprocessing program that includes a plan for reducing biohazard waste.

With single-use device reprocessing from Green OR, you can establish a cleaner work environment in your facility. Realize substantial savings. And be an eco-friendly presence in the greater community.

Medical Device Reprocessing Is The Right Thing To Do

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