Our Approach to Reprocessing.


Reprocessed devices include:

  • Ablation Wands
  • Arthroscopic Shavers, Abraders & Trocars
  • Drill Bits & Burs
  • Rasps
  • Tournequets & Reamers
  • Scorpion, ExpresSew Needles
  • Suture Lassos, Graspers, Passers,
  • Retrievers
  • Compression, Pulse Oximeters
  • Blades (CTR, ACL, Debrider & Saw)



Green OR Full Warranty:


  • 100% Reprocessing in Compliance with FDA Guidelines: That reprocessed SUDs have been cleaned, refurbished, tested, inspected, packaged & sterilized, (non-­‐invasive are prepared according to High Level Disinfection protocols) in material compliance with FDA regulations.
  • 100% Device Inspection for Quality Assurance: That reprocessed SUDs will be substantially equivalent to the corresponding new SUD in the area of form, fit and function for their intended use and original purpose and will perform the functions for which they were originally designed in material compliance with FDA regulations.
  • 100% Sterile: That sterility of all unopened or undamaged packaging on reprocessed SUDs is one year from the date stamp on the packaging.
  • 100% Return Policy: In the event that a reprocessed SUD does not perform properly, the Customer can return the reprocessed SUD at Green OR Expense. We will evaluate the device for form, fit and function and provide a formal written Complaint Response within ten (10) days of receipt and determine what credit is due the Customer.

Our Green Guarantee to You:


We operate a guaranteed product supply system.
100% of your reprocessed devices will be returned to you – and only you.
  • No inventory shortages, since what you recaim is what you receive back, ready for use.. exact product by product.
  • When you ship back collection bins for reprocessing, Green OR will provide a SKU detail list of all products to be reprocessed and return those items sterile and ready to use in ~30 days.  If products cannot be reprocessed, we will dispose of them at our expense – no charge to you.
  • You will be collecting and returning continuously, and we will be continuously reprocessing and guaranteeing your supply. Reprocessing occurs as fast as your usage and collection.

Green OR has an immediate impact on your bottom line

Fast & Significant Bottom Line Savings in ~30 Days
  • Dramatic reduction in new orthopedic device purchases
  • Biohazard waste reduction
  • Guaranteed product supply reprocessing system (GPS) 
  • Access to expanding list of premium products, with over 5,000 SKUs
  • 100% surgeon control for immediate financial impact
  • Does not require changing physician devices or preference

Change the world. Safeguard your patients. Be more efficient with your resources and excel in the VBHC marketplace.

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